Virtually Maker Faire 2020 is going on right now.  For 24 hours, Makers from around the world will be sharing presentations, workshops, demos, and exhibits.

Two Makers will be giving talks in the Seminar room in the Sullivan center:

Introduction to Networking
An introduction to networking to help make those goofy numbers more understandable and perhaps help you understand some of the jargon that tech support folks keep spewing at you. I will also include some basic troubleshooting tricks to help reduce frustration levels when you do call for tech support.  1 pm and 2 pm

Making Your Inventions Real

Evan Knight, inventor, will be giving a family-friendly talk about how you and/or your kids can invent things, make those inventions real physical products, market, sell and manufacture those inventions…for money, and for scholarships.

We will get a chance to talk about:

  • Practical tools to get started
  • 20 hour rule
  • 4th industrial revolution (now)
  • tips and tricks for making, and selling

Feel free to bring your kids and your questions. Both are welcome.

Look up Evan Knight at

20 minute talk followed by 20 minutes of question time.


In six hours we will open the doors!  The weather looks good and all the Makers are excited.

Join us at the sixth annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire today, June 22, 2019 from noon to 5pm.

The sixth annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire is one month away, June 22, 2019!  Get your free tickets to attend now!

Today is the last day to sign up as a Maker for the 2019 Honolulu Mini Maker Faire!  After this date, we will be allocating booths and setting the layout.  You can still submit an application after today, but we might not be able to accommodate you.  So if you are still considering, take the leap and join in!

A number of Makers have signed up and you can learn more about them on the Meet the Makers page.

The Call for Makers is still open and if you or your group would like to participate, submit your application that can be found on the Call for Makers page.  Anyone is welcome to apply.

Heart to Table returns as our food vendor and they brought back this amazing dessert!  They also have a fantastic surf and turf.  Right next to the drone races.

The list of Makers has been finalized, the classes are filling up, have you gotten your free tickets?  Ghostbusters, Lego, Ham Radio, Droids, huge games, STEM projects.  Fun for everyone!  Go to the website to see the list of events and Makers!

Set a calendar appointment for Saturday, June 23, 2018 from noon to 5 pm and join us at the 5th annual Mini Maker Faire Honolulu.  The build your own lightsaber hilt class is filling up.  If you want to learn how to solder an electrical circuit, reservations are ongoing.  Signups are under Things to See and Do on our webpage.  There will be a lot of other hands on activities that need no advance reservations.  Like traditional Japanese Kumihimo braiding, giant wood toys, huge arcade crane game, big head box fun, and the local Ghostbusters will be on hand!

Free tickets are still available at our website.


Seat reservations for the soldering class and the build your own light saber hilt are now open.  Go to the Things to See and Do menu and select Schedule for 2018.  If you haven’t registered for your free tickets, do it today.  This will give us an estimate of expected attendees and helps us manage crowd control.  It will also speed up your registration on the day of the event.


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