The Directory of Makers, the list of workshops, the schedule for the Talks, and the map of the event have been updated and are ready for you on our website.  You can go there now and see what you can expect to experience at the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire.

Join us at the sixth annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire on June 22, 2019 from noon to 5pm.

The Makers are ready, are you?  The Honolulu Mini Maker Faire opens tomorrow, June 22, 2019 at noon and runs until 5pm at ‘Iolani School.  The soldering workshop and the Brain Hemisphere Hat workshops start as soon as we open and run all day.  Other Makers have their own hands-on projects for you to try out.  There are two talks scheduled.  The goal of Introduction to Networking is to demystify computer networking systems.  The other talk, Your Child’s Inventions Made Real (and Raise Some Money), is about making your child’s idea a physical thing and what can be done if you want to market it.  Some of the demos include Blacksmithing and glass blowing.  You can talk to the Amateur Radio group about conversing with people around the world and how you can prepare for emergencies.  There will be something for everyone to see, do, or learn.

Join us at the sixth annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire on June 22, 2019 from noon to 5pm.


Ross Mukai, from Oahu Makerspace, will be on Bytemarks Cafe this afternoon talking about the upcoming Honolulu Mini Maker Faire that is happening this Saturday, June 22, 2019 from noon to 5 pm at ‘Iolani school.  Tune in at 6:30pm, 88.1FM, HPR-1 for the details.

One more week to go until the sixth annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire!  Makers will be providing talks on computer networking and using manufacturing tech in your small business.  Others will be sharing their latest projects and hobbies.  The lighting fast drone races are returning to the baseball field.  The amateur radio operators will be broadcasting from Sullivan Center.  You can make a brain cap, learn to solder, play with Lego, operate a competition robot, and a whole lot more this Saturday, June 22, 2019 at ‘Iolani School from noon to 5pm.  Get your free tickets today!

Maker Media, the body that licenses the Maker Faires around the world, announced that they have ceased operation.  This does not affect Honolulu Mini Maker Faire that will be held in two weeks, June 22, 2019.  The Hawaii Makers are working hard to get ready for our annual event at ‘Iolani School.  We have a Maker with a home build solar powered lawn mower, drone races, and the local Ghostbusters.  A young Maker will be sharing what she builds with cardboard and will be building a cardboard castle.  She is looking forward for attendees to join in this group art project.  You can learn more about the Makers on the Meet the Makers page and get your free tickets to attend.

If you are in the Ala Moana area today, (or make a special trip), stop on by the Geek Meet at Magic Island from 10 am to 2 pm.  Lots of fun and a great gathering.


Would you like to share your project, hobby, or specialty?  The Call for Makers is open until May 20!  Groups, schools, individuals, everyone is welcome to apply to be a Maker at the event.  There is no cost to be a participant.  There are no age restrictions, however minors must be accompanied by a guardian.

Are you ready for the 2019 Honolulu Mini Maker Faire?  We are excited to announce that this year’s event will be held on June 22, 2019 from noon to 5pm and ‘Iolani School has graciously offered to host us again.  If you want to participate as a Maker, the Call for Makers will be opening soon.

The fifth annual Mini Maker Faire Honolulu was great fun!  We had a few new things like Makers expanding to ‘Iolani’s Seto Hall, live streaming of the drone races, and lightsaber build classes.  We had representatives from Oahu, Maui, and Kauai.  Makers ranged from established companies, Makerspaces around the state, students from elementary up to high school, and individual Makers.  All sharing their knowledge, passion, and vision.  The reason we were able to run this event and make it free for Makers and attendees is due to our fantastic sponsors.  ‘Iolani School was a fantastic host as always.  Providing the amazing Sullivan Center and allowing us to expand into Seto Hall and all the logistical support we needed.  The continued generous donation from HTDC allows us to bring in Makers from the other islands and allows us to provide the various classes at no cost to the attendees.  Sky eFiber stepped in and gave us the internet speed we needed to live stream the drone races.  And of course, Makezine, the parent organization for the Maker Faires around the world.   If you, or your company would like to partner with Mini Maker Faire Honolulu and support the Makers in Hawaii, please let us know.

Ready for a great day at the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire?  Plan your day with the directory and site map.  (PDF)

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