Are You a Maker?

Sometimes the term “Maker” can be misleading.  There is a perception that to be a Maker, you have to be working with electronics or programming.  Or building something massive or unbelievably complex.  However Makers are anyone that is making something as opposed to purchasing.  Folding origami, knitting, making toys out of found items, fabricating Cosplay outfits, all Maker activities.

You may have participated in Show and Tell at school.  Where students are given the opportunity to show classmates something that interests them and share their experience.  Maker Faires are described as the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth.

If you have a project you have been working on, some hobby you love doing, and would like to share that with others and possibly inspire them, you might enjoy participating in our Maker Faire.  Anyone can apply (minors need to get an adult to apply and attend with them).  All applications will be reviewed and selected to provide the widest range of subjects and opportunities for attendees.  The deadline for applications is May 20, 2019.  Click on the link below to start an application.  Prior to starting the application, select your best photo that represents your group or project. This photo will appear publicly on with your short description above.  The file must be at least 500px wide or larger.