Two Makers will be giving talks in the Seminar room in the Sullivan center:

Introduction to Networking
An introduction to networking to help make those goofy numbers more understandable and perhaps help you understand some of the jargon that tech support folks keep spewing at you. I will also include some basic troubleshooting tricks to help reduce frustration levels when you do call for tech support.  1 pm and 2 pm

Making Your Inventions Real

Evan Knight, inventor, will be giving a family-friendly talk about how you and/or your kids can invent things, make those inventions real physical products, market, sell and manufacture those inventions…for money, and for scholarships.

We will get a chance to talk about:

  • Practical tools to get started
  • 20 hour rule
  • 4th industrial revolution (now)
  • tips and tricks for making, and selling

Feel free to bring your kids and your questions. Both are welcome.

Look up Evan Knight at

20 minute talk followed by 20 minutes of question time.